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This new generation means technology will make your life easier and better. With Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ too, you’ll have the latest tunes and more at your fingertips. 

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The new 2017 Impreza is the first Subaru crafted with our new design philosophy: DYNAMIC x SOLID. Bold and sophisticated with a new chassis built for superior ride and handling. Keeping you looking good, staying safe.

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Dynamic, powerful and loaded with clever tech, the new 2017 Impreza is 95% reimagined and redesigned from the ground up. We are completely redefining what a small car should be, so you can get more out of life. 

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Unleash on the road with more power and a Direct Injection engine. The new 2017 Impreza doesn’t hold back, it forges on with 115kW of power, dishing it out at 6000rpm. 

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You’ll pay less at the petrol pump with an outstanding efficiency from 6.6/100km. Yes, we’ve made this model even more powerful, yet more efficient. How’s that for value?

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Thanks to major weight savings throughout the new and improved drivetrain, you’ll notice a much sportier performance when you hit the open road or dart through city streets. 

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Impreza is the first ever Subaru to be released on our new Subaru Global Platform. This is more than good news. It’s brilliant to the core.

This means a new streamlined frame that delivers straight line stability, improved rigidity, more responsive control and an even quieter cabin. The result? A drive that’s damn straight and super smooth.

It takes less than 50 kilometres at the wheel...to discover that the Japanese brand has totally re-imagined its starter car into something more like a junior European luxury model.

- carsguide.com.au

In a nutshell: The new Subaru Impreza reveals that Subaru engineers can build a car that rides and handles as well as anything from Europe, and with improved safety, technology and packaging.

T…press the auto-up-and-down window button and the window will rise at one speed and then slow as it reaches the top of its travel; you’ll probably never notice it but it’s the sort of quality touch you’d find on a Rolls-Royce.

- practicalmotoring.com.au

Driving the Impreza at the Cycle Sports Centre in Izu, Japan, gave us an opportunity to sample the dynamism of the new Subaru Global Platform.

The chassis is clearly a generational step forward for Subaru, providing tenacious cornering grip and predictable handling.

We found the cabin to be considerably quieter than before, the engine also more refined, with far less of the deep-toned pulsation usually associated with the Boxer (horizontally opposed) unit.

- motoring.com.au

Without testing back-to-back it is hard to make a definitive verdict but it's fair to say from our initial drive that the new Impreza could be one of the quietest small cars in its class, better than both the Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla and on par with the Golf and Focus.

The Impreza also shines when you push it through the twists and turns of our test course, especially the top-spec that is equipped with torque vectoring as standard.

It is both quiet and refined on the road, high quality inside and, importantly for Subaru, it really is fun to drive.

- drive.com.au

The new-generation Subaru Impreza is undoubtedly an improvement on its predecessor.

It is more mature, more sophisticated and more grown up, while also offering more appeal to younger buyers with its arguably prettier design, improved infotainment and better road manners.

- caradvice.com.au

First things first: Subaru has addressed the design. The completely-new Impreza won’t put your eyes to sleep, and some complimentary links can be made between the new Impreza’s design and that of Volvo’s handsome V40.


Classy and composed, the Impreza has turned over a new leaf. It’s still nothing to write home about when it comes to power and torque, but driving it reveals a chassis that is better resolved and more agile than before.

Add to that an interior that’s no longer wanting for visual appeal and the Impreza should have plenty more showroom pull when it arrives here at the end of the year.

- goauto.com.au

With fresh looks, and more fun to be had when driving enthusiastically or simply cruising, the new Impreza will serve as an admirable representative of Subaru’s critical new platform.

Performance pundits will, of course, hold fire until the inevitable WRX and hopeful STI arrive at a later date, but for drivers shopping around in the small hatch market, the Impreza has never looked so good.

- goauto.com.au

But, you can take this as gospel, this is a very improved Impreza. It looks better, it feels smarter everywhere, and is certainly among the better-driving contenders in the small car segment.

It is also surprisingly roomy, carries some high-end safety features (like EyeSight®) that will add to its appeal, and looks sharp.

- themotorreport.com.au

It takes less than 50 kilometres at the wheel...to discover that the Japanese brand has totally re-imagined its starter car into something more like a junior European luxury model.

- carsguide.com.au